Terms & Conditions
ShindaWashinde Raffle Rules
  1. The Kenya Red Cross Society SHINDA WASHINDE RAFFLE is open to all Kenyan residents over the age of 18.
  2. By purchasing tickets you are confirming you are 18 years of age or over. No tickets should be sold to, or on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.
  3. If a ticket is sold unknowingly to, on behalf of, or for a person under the age of 18 he/she will be exempt from the raffle and will forfeit his/her prize and their entry money will be returned to them.
  4. This raffle has been produced by Kenya Redcross Society and all response handling activities are being managed by the Kenya Red Cross Society.
  5. Paid employees of the Kenya Red Cross and their families are not eligible to enter the SHINDA WASHINDE Raffle 2019.
  6. Tickets must not be bought on behalf of somebody else.
  7. All proceeds from this raffle will be used for the charitable purposes of the Kenya Red Cross Society.
  8. How to purchase a raffle ticket.
    • Go to MPESA menu.
    • Click on Lipa Na MPESA.
    • Pick the Paybill option.
    • Business no. 698888.
    • Account no: Redcross.
    • Enter amount: Ticket price is Kshs 50
    • Enter your Mpesa Pin.

    You will receive a confirmation from MPESA.You will also receive an SMS from the promoter under a promotional name confirming your raffle ticket number and the draw your ticket number will be in.

    That ticket can only participate in the named daily draw. The same ticket is eligible for a weekly prize within the week it was purchased. Each ticket is also eligible for the grand prize. One can play as many times as they desire while observing responsible playing habits.

    If a participant sends monies in amounts that are not divisible by Kshs 50, the amount will be rejected and the participant advised to send in multiples of Kshs 50.

  9. Start date. The promotion will start on the 3td December 2018.
  10. Closing date. The closing date for this promotion will be 12:00 am (Midnight) 3rd March 2019.
  11. The prize breakdown is as follows:
    Frequency Prize Players
    Daily 10,000 2
    Daily 1,000 15
    Daily Free Raffle Ticket 1,000
  12. Selection of the winner:
    • Daily winners will be selected every morning at 9 am at a draw. There will be one draw for all tickets sold during the 24 hours preceding the draw. The daily draw will be conducted sequentially to randomly pick the following winners in this order.
      1. Kshs 10,000
      2. Kshs 1,000
      3. Free Raffle tickets
  13. Notification of the results and receipt of the prize. Winners will be notified on the day of the draw. The winner will then receive their prize as per above via mobile money wallets for amounts less than Kshs 100,000.
    Amounts equal or greater than Kshs 100,000 will be disbursed in the form of a cheque. In the event that the promoter cannot contact any winner after taking reasonable steps to do so or the winner is not eligible to accept the prize or fails to accept the prize within 72 hours of being contacted by the promoter, the promoter, in consultation with BCLB, reserves the right to award the prize to a substitute winner drawn at the same time as the original or yield the funds back to the Kenya Red Cross as a donation. Prizes must be claimed within 3 months of the end of the promotion after which Betting Control and Licensing Board rules apply.
    Winners will be published on either print or online publications or social media platforms within 48 hours of a draw.
  14. As per THE TAX LAWS (AMMENDMENT) ACT, 2018, winnings will be subjected to a 20% withholding tax. The act can be accessed HERE
  15. The result of the raffle draw is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  16. Please keep the ticket or allocated number as proof of purchase.
  17. Any ticket entries received after the closing date may miss entry into the draw and therefore will be considered as a donation to the Kenya Red Cross.
  18. Raffle tickets will be drawn randomly.
  19. All winners are required to co-operate with Kenya Red Cross’ right to publish their win as and where deemed appropriate, and to provide proof of age when requested.
  20. Winners may be asked to take part in Kenya Red Cross PR and promotional activity.
  21. Entry in the draw may not be cancelled after the draw.
  22. In consultation with BCLB, the promoter’s decision is final all matters pertaining to the promotion.
  23. Force Majeure. In the event of the intervention of any outside agent or event which changes the result or prevents or hinders its determination, including but not limited to vandalism, power failures, tempests, natural disasters, acts of God, civil unrest, war, invasion, or strikes, The Kenya Red Cross, in consultation with BCLB, may in its absolute discretion cancel or postpone the draw and recommence it from the start on the same conditions subject to legislation and the draw will be conducted on a date notified on the Kenya Red Cross website.
  24. Kenya Red Cross accepts no responsibility for raffle tickets which are lost, damaged and illegible or from which the prize-winner cannot be identified, or for any technical failure or event which may cause the competition to be disrupted.
  25. In the event of an error, howsoever caused, whether a printing error or otherwise and whether obvious or otherwise, which affects the competition in any way, the organizers reserve the right to administer the raffle as though the error had not occurred. Where the organizers deem it appropriate and/or feasible Kenya Red Cross will notify entrants of the error.
  26. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in the disqualification of the entry. Kenya Red Cross, in consultation with BCLB, reserves the right to disqualify any entry at their absolute discretion.
  27. All complaints in relation to the Raffle mechanism will be resolved through the Betting Control and Licensing Board.
  28. In all other instances, or where you do not wish to contact the Betting Control and Licensing Board, where a dispute arises, parties shall refer the matter for arbitration by a single arbitrator agreed by the parties where the chosen venue shall be Nairobi, with the arbitration being conducted in English. Where the parties are unable to agree on the identity of the arbitrator, the chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Kenya Branch shall appoint one.
  29. The Kenya Red Cross Society is the sole beneficiary of the SHINDA WASHINDE promotion.
  30. The prizes are non-transferable.
  31. By entering this promotion you will be included in SMS and email marketing material by the Kenya Red Cross. You can choose to opt out of this at any time.
  32. Your email address and contact details will not be supplied to any third parties.
  33. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Kenya and may change from time to time and all changes are subject to approval by BCLB)
For General Information
Follow the following Instructions

For more information about the Kenya Red Cross, our raffles and other ways to donate please visit http://www.redcross.or.ke contact our dedicated supporter care team by emailing info@redcross.or.ke or by calling Tel: +254 02 3950000

Players can request a self-exclusion from our database for future raffle mailings by writing to info@shindawashinde.co.ke.  They can also use this same address for any queries regarding the raffle or contact the helpline on +254 (0) 20 514 9595